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Wednesday 7 Dec - Wednesday 7 Dec

Small Actions, Big Impact: Why Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Matters for All?

7 December at 18-19.00 CET

Many companies and associations are taking steps to increase the diversity of their workforces and members. And for a good reason! Research shows that bringing diverse perspectives to the table increases companies’ resilience and agility and boosts innovation and financial performance.

But hiring and promoting diverse employees is not enough; to make sure everyone can perform to their full potential, companies and associations need to boost equity and inclusion.

But how can companies, associations and individuals take this from words to actions? What does success look like?

Join us for BCG’s and IMA’s upcoming webinar on diversity, equity and inclusion to learn more!

After the presentation you will have the possibility to ask questions and interact with the presenters that have a solid background on the topic.


The BCG presenters are:

Olsen Garland, Project Leader

Sanni Inovaara, Consultant


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