Shelagh Donnelly Risk Management webinar
Wednesday 16 Nov - Wednesday 16 Nov

Risk management with Shelagh Donnelly

16 November at 18-19.00 CET

Recent events and issues have brought renewed attention to risk management, an important practice across sectors. Investing time in understanding the language and principles of risk management is another step forward in differentiating yourself and continuing to elevate your business acumen.

    Join IMA Training Partner Shelagh Donnelly to learn about risk management processes and the roles employees, management and the board have in an organisation’s risk management.

    Shelagh has a way of explaining C-Suite terminology – from risk appetite, ownership and tolerance to internal controls, internal and external audits, mitigation strategies, enterprise and integrated risk management and more – with meaningful examples that provide clarity and insights you’ll find relevant to your workplace and career. You may not prepare risk registers or heat maps, yet you will leave this webinar with an understanding of how they’re used and why they matter.

    Key learning objectives

    1. Why risk management is important, and key terminology
    2. Enterprise risk management (ERM) and integrated risk management (IRM)
    3. Introduction to risk management tools