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Our annual conferences, the training days and webinars bring professional and personal growth - constant training and development is crucial for every professional career.

It is not only about expanding knowledge, it is about wanting to evolve in our rapidly changing business lives. We offer international training to provide our members with all the modern knowledge they need to succeed in their business environments.


IAC 2022 Storytelling

48th International Annual Conference 2022

 the Power of Storytelling

30 September 2022, 9-17.00 EEST - Helsinki, Finland

Connecting with another person is one of the highest forms of social being for humans: we want to be in sync with other people. At the heart of it is good storytelling; it’s how we communicate and connect emotionally with others.

Join us in Helsinki, Finland, or online to network with Management Support Professionals around the globe for valuable professional and personal experience. You will find inspiration to use Storytelling as a way to excel at work. This is an exceptional opportunity to network and share thoughts with your professional colleagues and business partners. 

The event will be live, live-streamed and recorded to watch for 60 days replay. We welcome both members and non-members! 

Registration is now closed - but if you would like to attend please contact

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Future international events 


29 April - 26th International Training Day on Storytelling, Cyprus

27 October - 49th International Annual Conference on Company Culture Ambassador, South Africa

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International webinar - Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with BCG

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